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Automatic Door

The mechanism box and cover must be made of extruded aluminum or stainless steel. It can be painted with RAL color electrostatic powder paint upon request.

Dormatik - Automatic Door Systems

As Dormatik, we provide services with years of experience and experience in the sector. In the service we provide to automatic garden door, photocell glass door, barrier-park, garage door, blinds-shutter, sectional door, industrial door systems, we respond to your automatic door repair and automatic door maintenance needs 24/7 and work on time and solution basis with our expert staff. Our primary value in every service we offer with quality and reasonable prices is the satisfaction of our customers. As an automatic door service, the satisfaction we provide in the repair, maintenance, installation service suitable for every environment without damaging the architecture, professional workmanship, reasonable price-guaranteed service are the reasons preferred by our customers.

Automatic Door Systems
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Automatic Doors

Mechanism box and cover made of extrude aluminum or stainless steel It should have been. With RAL color electrostatic powder paint on request must be paintable.

Barrier and Parking

Smart card system thanks to the Open and Close dry contacts on the barrier control card, It should be designed in accordance with the card pass system (KGS) and automatic pass system (OGS).

Garden Gates

If the object passes through the engine with the help of adjustable functions, the door should move in the direction of opening After passing, the door should close automatically again.

Garage Doors

Sectional doors, which can be moved with motor automation systems, can also be easily opened and joined with specially designed manual or caraskal systems. sectional door panels finger...

Shutter and Fire Door

Passing the roller shutter pallets to each other through special channels on them by installing plugs on both sides of the pallet group formed by after fixing, it is attached to the pipe with steel hangers

Fast PVC Doors

Aluminum side rails, which are manufactured as a special design, provide an aesthetic appearance as well as maintenance and repair provides convenience. Dormatic Fast PVC Doors have TUV and CE quality certificate.

Ramp and Bellows

Loading Ramp General Description Loading ramp is a loading ramp that eliminates the level difference between the loading vehicle and the loading ground, forklifts etc. loading vehicles and employees, comfortable and safe movement

Industrial Doors

Industrial doors are wide enough to allow the entry and exit of products and vehicles in industrial and storage facilities. are doors that are suitable for application in openings and have high insulation and security features

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